Kristina Banera

Winnipeg, MB




2015 Bachelor of Fine Art with honours, University of Manitoba | focus in studio practice

2011 Studied in faculty of Arts, University of Manitoba

2009 Studied in Faculty of Arts/Science, University of Winnipeg | focus in writing



2018 Holiday on Ice, 2018. Video and rotating projection. Poolside Gallery at Video Pool         Media Arts Centre selected for  Winnipeg Underground Film Festival 6, 2018.

2018 Entrainment Loop, 2018. Visual Installation. Selected for Forthwith Festival 2018 at       Forth Cafe, Winnipeg, MB



2018 Group Exhibition at Duplex, Vancouver, BC.

2018 Group Exhibitoon at Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts 2018 (Date TBD)

2018 Custom Visual Installation at Forthwith Festival, Forth, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2015 Anticipating Distance. Avenue Gallery, Vancouver, BC.

2015 Exposition. Platform Center for Photographic + Digital Arts. Winnipeg, Manitoba

2014 NO VACANCY. One Night Stand/Southern Alberta Art Gallery. Curated by Collin Zipp.           Lethbridge, Alberta.

2014 JUNKHAUS 1. Sublime Consumer Minimalists (Junkhaus). Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2014 BACKYARD. CSpace. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2014 Transformations. Group show. GoSa Gallery University of Manitoba. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2013 PAINTING IS NOT DEAD!. Group Show. GoSa Gallery University of Manitoba. Winnipeg,           Manitoba.



2018 Entrainment ritual to assemble from missing parts, 2017. Screening (upcoming)               September, 2018 at WNDX Festival of Moving Image, Winnipeg, MB

2018 Entrainment ritual to assemble from missing parts, 2017. Screening July 10, 2018 at         Vidéos de femmes dans le parc, Montreal, QB.

2017 Entrainment ritual to assemble from missing parts, 2017 screened at Platform Centre         for Photographic + Digital Arts "Shorts Screening 2017". 



2018 Blinkers Art & Project Space. Winnipeg, MB. Co-curation for programming with Hannah         Doucet, John Patterson, Rachael Thorliefson.

2015 I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone. Co-curation, exhibition exchange. Flux             Gallery. Winnipeg Manitoba.

2015 Anticipating Distance. Co-curation. Second installment of group exhibition exchange.       Vancouver, British Columbia.

2015 Annual Student Art Show. The Edge Gallery. Co-curated with Kristiane Church.               Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2014 BACKYARD. Group show. Collaborated curation. Winnipeg, Manitoba



2017 Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art Summer Institute 2017 Faculty: Chris Kraus with       guests Natasha Stagg and Robert Dewurst



2017 Fourteen Lines | Collaborative publication of poems
     featuring participants of Plug In ICA Summer Institute with Chris Kraus

2015 Review | Winnipeg Free Press, June 30, 2015, “Graduating U of M students showcase           ambitious, promising new work in annual exhibition”, review by Stephen Leyden               Cochrane.

2014 Review | Uptown/Winnipeg Free Press, July 24 2014, “School’s OUT”, review by Stephen       Leyden Cochrane.



2017+ Co-Founder of Blinkers art + projects, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2017+ Board Member | send + receive a festival of sound Winnipeg, Manitoba

2017+ Fundraising Committee Chair | send+receive a festival of sound Winnipeg, Manitoba

2015+ Volunteer | Art City Winnipeg, Manitoba