I am interested in memory as it is lost and its flaws over time. Attempting to articulate this temporal space of memory that is weighted, and at times misguided, yet vulnerable in the emotions of the beholder. Interrelations that exist as memory - of people, of place congealed together inhabiting one subconscious place. Over time our memories shift and change and I am interested in this deterioration. This has all stemmed from a long-term stream of work in which I have dealt with my recollection of my hometown of Lockport and my childhood home and the interrelations that inhabited these specific memories of the past. As I age, memories become blurred and change due to new understanding of the history of a specific place (Lockport in this case), distance and time. 

Physical manifestation is informed by the kinds of things I would want to do in a VR environment but instead in a physical space using other forms of digital media including video, photography and re-photography through collage. The kinds of spaces and forms I have been making are using a lot of ready made textures and patterns in the form of fluid and trappable material showing repetition in patterns or textures. With the use of reflection either by optics and light or with the use of cameras and displays and projections as windows or openings to other potential spaces out of frame or out of the room or imagined. I am interested in creating psychologically informed spaces within the work that are surreal, hinging on memory as it is viewed through an emotional state and with a sense of unease. With repetition through materials and the techniques mentioned above, association happens within images between textures and content and what is seen within the installation.

into corner two pieces closer.JPG
portrait piece straight.JPG
landscape piece close projection flat.JPG